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Borrego Springs Cycling Camp

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Thank you to all who attended #BorregoCamp 2018. We laughed, sang, ate, smiled, rode big miles, recovered with Backmate Power Massager, Power Roller and Bar, had sparkling clean bikes courtesy of WD-40 BIKE fueled with Jess Cerra's handmade treats, Enduro Bites, JoJe Bars, Vafels and GU Energy hydration, used #PRLotion from Amp HP to get more out of our muscles with less soreness, and rocked some incredible new wool socks from Mavic. While our post-camp fatigue fades and fitness improves, I'll be working hard to plan the next Janel Cycling camp! Stay tuned for dates and info. Until then, subscribe to my mailing list to hear when the news breaks!


Photos from 2018 (Wil Matthews) and 2017 (pbcreativephoto.com) below: